Erin Bodin, Library Director
Theresa Czachor, Library Assistant

The first trustees of the Chittenden Public Library were elected in 1895 and the library received 111 volumes from the state and 77 from the Town at a cost of $125.  For a number of years the Town had two libraries, one in North Chittenden and one in South Chittenden.  Prior to 1933, the library was in different homes in the Town as different people acted as librarian. The present library quarters were given to the Town of Chittenden when the school was built in memory of Frederic Duclos Barstow. Paintings and other artifacts collected from around the world by the Barstows are housed in the library. Space is shared with the Barstow Memorial School Library, and for many years the School Librarian oversaw the administration of the Public Library as well as the School Library.  In the early 1980’s,
the two roles were separated and the Public Library Trustees hired their own Librarian.  Since then the Library has continued to grow and circulation has steadily increased.

A grand re-opening of the library was held on August 17, 1991 as part of the Chittenden Day-Bicentennial celebration.
Major renovations had been undertaken in a move to make the Chittenden Public Library more accessible and usable to the public while still preserving its unique architecture.

Today, you can come in to enjoy the history, engaging events for all ages, and of course a great book!