Mission Statement

The Chittenden Public Library provides the best possible access to books and other library resources in a variety of formats and technologies for the enjoyment and enlightenment of its patrons.

The library also encourages and facilitates cultural activities for the community, educates the community about the library’s resources, and upholds the public’s freedom of access to information

Library General Use Policy

Material Selection Policy


Unattended Children Policy

The Library welcomes and encourages all children to use and enjoy its facilities, programs and services. However, the Librarian and volunteers do not serve in loco parentis for children in the Library and parents should not view the Library as an alternative to childcare. For the protection and well-being of the children who use the Chittenden Public Library, we ask parents/caregivers to be aware of the following policy:

Unattended Children Policy  amended December 2018


Equipment Loan Policy

Equipment belonging to the Chittenden Public Library, including but not limited to laptop, Kindles, and tents may be borrowed for use outside of the library for up to seven days by individuals over the age of 18 and at the discretion of the librarian. Only one laptop and one Kindle may be borrowed from the library at one time.

Equipment Loan Policy   revised October 2017


Internet Access Policy

As a part of the Chittenden Public Library’s mission to serve its community by providing resources to enrich the mind, provide leisure reading pleasure, and offer basic information on a wide range of subjects, access to the Internet is available to all patrons.

Internet Access Policy   amended December 2018


Gift Acceptance Policy
The Chittenden Public Library accepts gifts (including marketable financial securities) at the discretion of the Library Director and/or the Board of Trustees

Please see our Gift Acceptance Policy for conditions (amended December 2018)


Anti-Discrimination Policy 

The Library prohibits discrimination in the provision of services and in any aspect of employment in hiring, training, promotion and termination.

Anti-Discrimination Policy  adopted December 2017


Confidentiality Policy and Procedures 

It is the policy of the Library to protect the confidentiality users to the extent permitted under Vermont and federal laws.

Confidentiality Policy and Procedures  amended December 2018