Guide to Online Catalog

Search the CPL Catalog 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Go to the Chittenden Public Library website.
  2. Click Card Catalog
  3. Search for a book mainly by Title, Author, or Subject.
    1. *Keyword-Type a word in the Find box and anyplace that word shows up in the catalog whether it’s in a title or a book description, that book will appear in the search results.
    2. *Series-Type an author’s name in the Find box and click Series to see what the Library owns. Most books will be numbered. 
  4. First, type your Search term in the FIND box.  Click the corresponding tab.  Ex.-If you are looking for a title, click the Title tab.
  5. Look to the right of the screen to see if the book is available.

Bonus Step:

Need help choosing a book to read?  Click on Resource Lists in the left Task Bar for some ideas from our collection. Adult lists will appear at the top.