Grades 6 – 8

Teaching and Learning Resources for Families During COVID-19-Grades 6-8

Code Club-A global network of free coding clubs for 9-13 year olds.

Digital Compass by Common Sense Education-Digital literacy games for middle school students in a “choose your own adventure” format.

Incredibox-Build your own beatboxing crew using drag and drop musical samples! The crew is animated.

Microsoft Makecode Arcade-Learn the code that will allow you to design, remix, and play your own game. Tutorial available as well as a more advanced course.

PBS Above the Noise-Episodes in this series are short and take on a controversial issue or a current event. Facts and figures are provided.

Scratch-Scratch is a programming language for beginning coders 8 years and older. Use the website or download the free software.

Sketchpad-Make digital art online.  Can be used on a computer or tablet.

AdobeSpark-Create web pages, videos, posters, slideshows. The Starter Program is free.

New York Times Learning Network-The New York Times Education Center featuring learning resources with NYT content.  Access to articles is free along with writing prompts, quizzes, etc.